Tutoring Resource

Get a Real Tutoring Resource for Your Children

One of the most important things that you can do for your children is to instill within them a sense that education is one of the most important things that they will ever do for themselves. It’s easy to get discouraged through bad grades or other events happening at school, but that doesn’t mean that education isn’t worth it. That doesn’t mean that education isn’t something that’s worth fighting for. However, there are so many different things affecting your children these days. You might want to make sure that you stop and make sure that they realize that it’s okay to feel like you can’t get anything done from time to time. Then it’s time to make sure that they have a solution that they can honestly count on.

If you know that they need a real teaching and tutoring resource that can make them feel better about school and education in general, it’s time to check out marked by teachers.

This is a service that focuses on giving homework help based on real classroom instruction. Everyone at Marked by Teachers is deeply invested in the education industry, and they feel that it’s very important. You don’t want to try to go with someone that isn’t going to give your children the tools they need to be better.

Tutoring Resource

For example, if you have a student in the family that never really gives essays their full attention because they don’t score very well on them, it’s time to let them check out the example essays that are already marked by teachers. That will give them an idea of what it really takes to get a good grade on the essays. When you instill confidence in a child, you are giving them the strength to keep pushing for more information even when they fall behind in school.

Marked by Teachers is a quality service that just about every parent and even every teenage student should think about adding to their list of quality resources. Why not look into it first as a parent to see if it’s going to be an affordable thing you can incorporate regularly? Even if you cannot do it on a regular basis, you might be surprised at what can be created when you let your students check out this resource one time — the results could be a lot more than what you think!

Arts Education

Is Arts Education a Dying Art Form?

William Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Apparently America’s children are in the midst of an artistic famine. According to the New York Times, eighth graders are concluding their junior high careers on a scholastic low note, performing at a “mediocre” level in fine art courses. The study further shows that all of our would-be Beethovens have been steadily declining in artistic aptitude for over a decade. The United States has had a great tradition of developing amazing artists. From Philip Glass to Anne Akiko Meyers, America’s artists have been magicians, waiving their wands and enchanting the world with their developed genius. But now, poof…it seems to have gone, or is going, away. Help bring the prestige back to this country’s art education.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress in Arts is the study that revealed our poor standards in artistic education. This is the first time since 1977 that the test has been administered, a cause of concern for many advocates of arts education. The twenty-two years of distance that time has traveled since the first administration of the study leads many to believe a miserably low priority is put on national art assessments. The actual data recovered prompts many to feel that America’s schools are cutting back emphasis and funding on fine-arts classes to stress improvement in core course performance in math and science. While no one argues that a student should be conceptually disabled in math and science in order to make way for music and sculpture, parents and art officials believe that a spotty stress on arts courses is leaving our students with a gaping hole in their educational foundation. Remember, the brain is divided into halves, and it seems the right brain is being underdeveloped for the sake of the left brain’s practical usefulness.

Arts Education

Now, for this version of the test, a sample of 260 schools, both private and public, were examined and nearly 8,000 students analyzed in their artistic knowledge. Seems like a large sample when seen alone. However, it looks more like an insult when seen in comparison to federal math and science assessments that take a sample size of 700,000 students. This striking disparity is confirmation that an overwhelming emphasis and supervision is placed on traditional subjects and not fine arts.

Another salient piece of data is that only 16% of students registered going to a museum or art exhibit with their classes over the last year. This is down 6% from over a decade ago. Students are hostage to their schools and curriculum, and to hijack their potential love for art by limiting their exposure to proper classes and exhibits is akin to telling them “art sucks.”

According to the study, only half of the eight graders tested could identify the instrument being used in classic pieces of music. Students are not being given the means or motivation to develop artistic interests, an educational homicide where the school systems are the culprits. School administrators even refuse to identify the body, continually denying that arts are in jeopardy or students are underexposed.

Although these tests do not show a disgraceful incompetence on the part of students, it does indicate that schools have been allowing a tolerably low level of artistic exposure to their dependents. Nonetheless, even though the scores are not depressingly bad, the chairman of the National Endowment of the Arts commented that the data collected shows “evidence about issues of concern in arts education.”

Art is one of the ways history has been traditionally recorded. In ancient times, when there were no written records kept, accounts of wars and heroes were “sung” in order to honor the participants and preserve the occasion. However, today’s study suggests that we may no longer have much more to sing proudly about, except perhaps for the distant memory of a country whose schools and teachers once let fine arts be an atlas of unknowns for curious students to explore with their senses. Be that teacher to once again provide a passport of possibility to an eager eyed child. Give children something to sing about.

Certification Programs

Don’t Want to Go to College? Check Out Certification Programs!

Is college not quite right for you? If you are living a hectic lifestyle or you simply do not care for going to school, but you still want to take the steps necessary to get ahead in your career, you might want to consider looking into a certification program. With the help of a certification program, you can get the training you need to take your career to the next level without having to sit through a four-year degree program. Here’s a look at just a few of the many benefits that certification programs have to offer.

Get Finished with School Faster

One of the benefits of completing a certification program is the fact that you can get finished with your education much faster than if you went to a four-year college or university. In many cases, a certification program can be completed in less than a year or even less than a few months. This way, you can get the training and education you need in a much shorter amount of time so you can head back to work and start enjoying the increased earning power that a certificate provides.

Increase Your Earning Power

This brings us to the second benefit to completing a certification program. Just as earning an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree will help you command a higher salary, earning a certificate will do the same. If you are looking at making a career change, completing a certificate program can help you jump-start a new career path. Or, if you are looking to take your current career to the next level, a certificate program can provide you with the extra training and education you need to make that move.

Complete Classes Online

Although there are several degree programs that can be completed online, there are even more certification programs available over the Internet. So, if the idea of going to college is something that does not appeal to you, you may be more comfortable with completing your certification program online where your educational experience will be ar different from what you are accustomed to.

Cut Out the Fat

When you attend a four-year university in pursuit of an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree, there are many classes you will be required to take. Although many of these classes will be related to your major, you will also be required to take several classes that are not related to your degree at all. While this does help provide you with a well-rounded education, you may not be interested in taking these required “extras.” When you participate in a certification program, all of the coursework you take is directly related to your area of interest. By trimming out the fat, you are able to complete the program more quickly while also getting only the valuable information you need to pursue a particular career or take your current career to the next level.

Pay Less to Go Further

Since certification programs are much shorter than degree programs, you will also spend much less money on a certification program than you would expect to pay for a degree program. In fact, there are many certification programs that cost far less than $1,000. Just imagine being able to increase your earning power or to get started in a great new career for that little! So, if college isn’t right for you, turn your attentions toward certification programs. It might be just what you are looking for.

Criminal Justice

Exciting New Careers in Criminal Justice

Have you spent the past few years bouncing around from job to job, hoping that you would one day stumble upon the one of your dreams? Do you like a fast-paced, ever-changing environment? If so, a career in criminal justice just may be the thing you’re looking for!

Law enforcement jobs are so rewarding and well respected these days. Finding a career in the Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement area can be a cinch with a degree or certificate in the field. Check out just some of the options available:


If you deal with juggling many stressful tasks at once and do not shy away from intense situations, a career in detective work is for you! These are plainclothes investigators who gather facts in preparation of criminal cases. They also compile evidence to build a case. Detectives conduct interviews, study suspect activities and participate in both raids and arrests. After some training and experience, you would go on to declare a specialty field such as homicide or fraud. Cases are assigned to you on a rotating basis. As a detective, you could expect to be paid around $58,260 annually. However, many people make much more than this with a little time and experience under their belts.

Police Officers

Now you might be a little put off because you just flashed back to a time you were pulled over for speeding. However, police offers are responsible for so much more than stopping you and traffic and issuing tickets. They participate in duties such as patrolling and responding to 911 and service calls. Some officers direct traffic at the scene of an accident, investigate burglaries and must be able to give first aid to accident victims. Others work as investigators, perform court-related duties, or carry out administrative or other assignments. In this profession, you could easily make $47,460. As a police officer, you are usually scheduled to work 40-hour weeks, but paid overtime is very common.

Forensic Technologists

If you are a CSI fan, this could very well be your dream job! Forensic technologists help criminal investigators by gathering, classifying and analyzing physical evidence found at crime scenes. They generally specialize in DNA and firearm evidence. Main tasks for forensic science technologists include running DNA tests on tissues, fibers, hair, skin, blood and other body fluids. They also perform ballistic and other weapon analysis. Other responsibilities involve writing up reports and giving expert opinions to the investigators based on the evidence they find. To secure a job as a forensic technologist, most employers prefer that you have at least an associate’s degree in a related field of science. Jobs in this field pay an average of $21.79 per hour, but you could make much more depending on location and employer.

Private Detectives and Investigators

These professionals may provide executive, corporate and celebrity protection and individual background profiles. Private detectives and investigators help individuals, businesses, and lawyers by finding and analyzing uncovered matters of legal, political, or personal concern. These criminal justice officers investigate numerous fields such as identity theft and fraud to missing persons and infidelity cases. The bulk of the work is often done at the computer, but may also include making phone calls or visits to a subject’s workplace. There are no formal education requirements for most jobs in this field. However, it is highly encouraged (and adds to you credibility) if you have an associates or bachelors degree in criminal justice or political science. The median salary in 2006 was reported at $33,750, but you could easily earn upwards of $64,380 depending on your employer and geographic location.

Whichever career you choose in the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement field, it is sure to hold your attention and never bore!

Christian Schools

Are Christian Schools Helpful?

While choosing the learning centers for their children, parents are advised to consider several aspects. They should check it out that what kinds of services and facilities are offered to the students. In case of Christian schools parents find that in these learning centers learners are offered quality education along with several other beneficial services. Due to their services, quality education and courses offered to students, these catholic academies are best for the children.

Religion based schools are beneficial for learners as these not only provide quality education to their scholars but also proffer several faith based courses. These faith based courses are helpful specifically for troubled teenagers to manage their unmanageable anger and violent nature. In these places, learners come to find spiritual atmosphere which enhance their faith in God. Here, learners have to live in the campus residential area during accomplishing their education and have to follow some restrictions and discipline arranged by secondary boarding schools. Disciplined atmosphere proffered to the learners are beneficial to make them obedient and well behaved. Information on significant programs offered to the children of Christian educational centers:

– Academic programs
– Rehabilitation programs
– Art and crafts
– Physical training
– Sports and games
– Cooking courses
– Music and dancing
– Spiritual and faith based programs

Christian schools for girls are beneficial in several ways. Many of these teens catholic schools offer therapeutic programs which are helpful for the teens struggling with various behavioral issues. Numerous amenities like big classrooms and laboratories are provided to the learners and students come to find their academic and athletic skills enriched. These are the academies completely based on the Christian faith and principles. Summer courses and recreational outdoor camping programs are also offered to the scholars.

The faculty of these Christian schools for boys prepares the students to face challenges of their life by providing academic and intellectually demanding environment. Students of these places are invited to participate in the educational and recreational activities which enhance their specializations and confidence. Trainers also focus on the spiritual development of the learners. Catholic academies contain the faculties which successfully focus on the personal integrity of their learners.

Boarding School

Is Boarding School A Right Place for Teenagers?

These days private schools have become a first choice for every teens parent. There are various kinds of boarding academies that offer special facilities and services for all age group students. If parents are finding best boarding schools for teens they should consider all factors and services of these private learning centers. Most of parents think that private academies are best options or place for their daughter education. Here, girls live in highly controlled and protected environment, and mainly focus on their educational activities. If parents want to give religious based education can refer Christian private schools for their teens education.

Parents who are not satisfying with academic result of traditional schools they should start preparation for searching best residential or private academies for their teens. Some important tips and guidance to find best boarding schools for teens such as:

– Firstly meet with academic staffs
– Check the classroom settings
– Review history record of academy
– Take references from friends and relatives
– Discuss child behavioral problem with teachers
– Verify the complete education charges

Boarding school are also providing education facilities for troubled teens by follow special techniques and learning tools. These kinds of private academies not only focus on the education programs but also encourage students to make participation in creative or outdoor activities. These coeducational schools have trained professors and teaching staffs that help students in friendly way. After enrolling in these academies students must experience positive and supportive environment compare to public school.

Finding best boarding schools for teens are truly difficult task for all parents. But parent can make their task easy by taking help of online resources. There are various boarding academies that offer free counseling programs in order to make aware parents or students with their academic rules and regulation. In these boarding academies students get guidance or support for their future career. If student will choose private academy for their education they will surely gain success in their upcoming future.

Pharmacy chemist woman in drugstore

Can You Go to a Pharmacy School Online?

You may be surprised to know that you can study for a career as a pharmacy technician online with a two year associate’s degree. So for those of you who have work or family commitments and can’t afford to go to college on-campus, don’t despair! You can earn your degree online and guarantee yourself a bright future as a pharmacy technician. After all, professionals predict that career opportunities will increase by 25% in the next decade, due to the increased health care needs of the baby boomer population.

It is paramount to do your research before embarking in an online course. You need to ensure that the program you are considering abides by state pharmacy requirements. You can find this information at the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) website. Also, make sure you are enrolling at an accredited school – otherwise your degree will not hold as much weight in the real world and will make it more difficult for you to transfer credits if you wish to go back for a higher degree in the future.

There are many benefits of going to an online school compared to a traditional brick and mortar college. You needn’t worry about traveling to school and you have the flexibility to work at your own pace. It is also considerably cheaper to attend an online school instead of a traditional college. In some ways you are also able to establish a better bond with your professor since you will have direct email and telephone access. There is also the possibility of interning throughout your degree. This will give you hands-on experience in the real world under the guidance of a certified pharmacist, either in a pharmacy or hospital setting.

Once you have successfully completed your online courses with passing grades, you will be qualified to take the certification exam. Once you have passed this, you must complete twenty hours of continuing education to recertify every two years.

Christian boarding schools

Are Christian Boarding Schools Advantageous for Children

To become self dependent education is very essential. Every guardian wants to make their child best and all rounder. Parents want to enroll their children in such academy where their kids get best education that enhances their skills and knowledge. Nowadays there are lots of academies available which claim that they are best and giving importance to education rather then their profit margin but it is not true. Most of the institutes give more importance to their profit and try to increase their profit margin and for this the academies are also ready to decrease the standard of education.

Christian boarding schools are totally different from these institutes. These faith based academies give more importance to the students and their education. The teachers always try different and modern methodology to proffer best education.

Christian boarding schools are best and very advantageous for the growth of kids. These academies use modern technologies such as video classroom session, lectures with the help of power point presentation. These video classroom programs are very advantageous for the boys because after watching the videos, scholars are able to understand the topic deeply and in-depth and able to remember it properly.

These academies also organize interactive classroom sessions for students and teachers in which students and faculties interact with each other and scholars are able to ask their queries without any hesitation. Nowadays there are lots of teenagers who have interest in computer and want to make their career in IT field. These academies also organize especial computer training classes for such scholars.

Programs offered by Christian boarding schools are:-

– Personality development
– Physical fitness
– Music
– Sports
– Group discussion programs
– Spiritual
– Meditation

Education is not adequate to get success in life. Good personality and remarkable communication skills are also very important to endure in this competitive world. That is why the faith based academies offer grooming and communication enhancement classes that are compulsory for each and every student. These classes groom the personality of children and make them more confident and independent. Christian academies also give importance to religious activities such as mass prayers; bible reading sessions because these academies believe that spiritual knowledge purify the soul of boys and girls and make them perfect. This religious knowledge is very advantageous for scholars.

These academies also offer musical and sports training classes for the children who have interest in music and sports. These boarding schools also offer accommodation and meal facilities for their students.